Deafness Claims

Deafness Claims

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Industrial deafness and tinnitus (usually a buzzing or ringing noise in the ears) are common types of work-related injury caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise.

For very many years employers have had a legal duty to protect the hearing of their employees from excessive noise. Despite this, every year thousands of people develop noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus. It is not only a problem in heavy industry but also affects factories, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, transport and many other industries.

You may be entitled to compensation if your hearing has been affected by your job. The amount that you may be entitled to will depend on a number of factors including the extent of your hearing loss, the severity of any tinnitus, your age, and whether you will benefit from hearing aids.

It pays to use a specialist firm of solicitors because these can be complex claims. They often involve exposure to noise going back decades and employers who went out of business years ago. Cordus Law have a wealth of experience and a team whose expertise has secured thousands of clients the compensation that they deserve.

Time limits apply to personal injury claims so it is important that you contact us without delay about claiming compensation on a No Win No Fee basis.

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